• Love Your Fit Apparel

    Love Your Fit Apparel was made to remind myself and others to love the process and the journey of life through all its ups and downs. Your goals may take time to come but what’s important most is that we practice Self Love through the journey of our lives. So it doesn't matter if you're wearing your fit to go crush a workout, lounging in and staying safe, running out to do errands or in my case chasing around a busy toddler all day - let the fit be that positive reminder to ALWAYS

    Love Your Fit

    Love Your Body

    Love Your Life

    Love You!

  • Denique's House Of Healing

    Denique is a menstrual health advocate that guides women through eliminating menstrual health challenges, focusing on your mind, body & spirit, While helping you increase your energy, eliminate pain and LIVE! Shop her collection of feminine hygiene products in store today .

  • Plori Noir Coffee Co.

    Plori Noir Coffee brand was brought to life by coffee and travel enthusiast, Patreka Roach. Inspired by travel and coffee tasting experiences in the most scenic parts of the world, Plori Noir’s mission is to immerse your taste buds into the diverse and bold flavors of coffee culture. 

    We’re committed to providing a unique coffee tasting experience by seeking top quality, ethnically sourced coffee beans from small coffee farmers around the world. Combining artistry and science, our green coffee beans are roasted to order. This process ensures that the flavor is captured at its peak, providing the freshest, most aromatic cup of coffee. In addition to a closely guarded roasting technique, the flavor profiles are specifically designed to embody the cultural and regional experiences of each coffee’s origin.

  • Queen Of Sheba New York

    Queen of Sheba is a New York-based luxury fashion house that was founded in 2017 by Sally Oyemade.

    The QOSNY brand offers trendy urban clothing for the everyday individual who embraces their inner royalty. Since launching, the brand has developed an undisputed reputation for innovation, quality and luxury.

  • Certitude by K

    Growing up, Mala Kaluarachchi surrounded herself with the imaginary world of arts and crafts. From painting to dress-making to home décor, she illuminated her world with her magical designs and creativity. In 1980 she infused this creativity when she learned the traditional Sri Lankan art of Batik. As Mala opened her doors to her Batik studio “Sanathana Batiks”, she trained her elder daughter to follow in her footsteps.

    Kanchana, Mala’s elder daughter grew up in my mother’s Batik workshop and helped her as she created her masterpieces. The craft of Batik painting came naturally to me and my love for the art, amplified as the years went by.

    Sanathana, which means certainty in our native language, didn’t seem memorable as I grew to attract a global clientele.

    Appropriately I coined it “Certitude by K”, and set out on my journey, to not only spread the art that was bestowed on me by my mother and our island’s fore-fathers but to also revolutionize it with passion towards the environment and social sustainability of the fashion industry.

    our project creates a range of one-of-a-kind designs, while supporting the livelihood of underprivileged women in Sri Lanka. All our exquisite pieces are handmade with love, using left over fabrics from the clothing industry & if you own any of these products, you can be assured that you are not only helping the environment but also families of local communities, develop their livelihood.

    We Pledge is to make the world a better place, one piece of batik fabric at a time.

  • Coral Earth Finery

    Coral Earth Finery makes standout headpieces that would make anyone confident in their awesomeness by making designs inspired by our rich beautiful earth
    We continue to strive to be a foremost unique accessories-making brand.

  • Glammed by Dainty

    Glammed By Dainty was created by beauty entrepreneur Erykah Nelson . 

    Specializing in personal grooming services and all natural products, Erykah has always been dedicated to self-care and finding innovative ways for individuals to feel their best and be more comfortable in their skin.

    Erykah understands how essential a positive relationship with your body and sexuality is to maintaining inner and outer beauty and most importantly, boosting your self-confidence.
     In 2020, she decided to explore that relationship further and as a result, Sexual Innovations was born. 

    With Sexual Innovations, Erykah wants to encourage everyone to explore the intimate parts of themselves while enjoying the insatiable pleasure and undeniable empowerment that comes with it. Whether you're looking to have new experiences by yourself or with a partner, Sexual Innovations has a toy that will fit your needs and become a valued addition to your bedroom…and all the other spaces you choose to occupy with your ecstasy!

    Shop her collection of Adult toys and beauty products in store

  • Briar and Sage Co.

    Hand poured candles, handmade vegan soaps, loose leaf tea and conscious stationery

  • Grapearl

    Our mission is to make the African fashion style a clothing essential in all spheres of everyday life.

    Our goal is to use 100% African print wax to create beautiful ready to wear fashion statement pieces and also to give back to the African community by helping to create jobs.

    Our collections comprise of dresses, jackets, pants, kimonos, jumpsuits, tops, skirts, sweatshirts, head wraps, scarfs, hair bonnets etc.

    We use original 100%  African print wax, Ankara, Kente, Adire etc to create our collections. Our collections are made mainly in Africa thereby giving back to the African economy and showcasing the African heritage.

    All our collection are 100% cotton that can be recycled thereby reducing pollution and wastage especially in Africa.

    We promise to deliver on quality by using100% African Print fabric to produce our collections and to have handmade finished clothes proudly made in Africa.

  • Exquizyt Diamond

    When it comes to finding cute, affordable, plus-size lingerie that fits well- It's hard! Identifying as a plus woman myself, I understand the need all too well. I also understand the feeling of discouragement because you have money to spend and you're even willing to settle but still, you can't find what you need. So I (Kayisha- Owner) came up with Exquizyt Diamond.Exquizyt Diamond is specifically designed and optimized for plus-sized women who are experiencing hard-to-find, expensive, and/or low-quality undergarments. We want our DIAMONDS to feel like there are cute and comfortable options ALWAYS available for them! Exquizyt Diamond means INCLUSIVITY to our Curvy Diamonds.ED is all about confidence, and loving your curves, body & self! We hope through our brand that Curvy Diamonds can feel all of these things synonymously and all while wearing our lingerie.We Love All Things Curvy & We Make Our Own Rules 💋

  • Liza and Grace

    We provide Effortlessly Chic , Bold & Stylish Clothing for Women . Shop Clothing and accessories from this brand.

  • Massassi B

    Welcome to Massassi B, Massassi (Goddess of the morning star - Zimbabwe). B for Batik/Boutique.
    Inspired by a desire to offer high-quality Inspired African attire, accessories and more, Massassi B, by Iyabo, takes you on a journey of enigmatic creations.
    Massassi B would very much love you to take this journey with us and enjoy every minute of it.

  • Flora Jewelry

    FLORA JEWERLY is a carefully sourced and curated collection of jewelry that enable women to evoke their femininity!

    Just like the goddess. FLORA is all things youthful, exciting and glamorous

  • Kotch Kreatives

    KOTCH KREATIVES is an exclusive brand for those who truly believe that they are destined for greatness. With self discipline, faith and hard work - no goal or dream is unachievable. Anything is possible and we are here to support you on your journey.

    Our mission is to encourage everyone to go after their goals and dreams by helping them align themselves with The Creator through kreative community events, artistic decor and stationary items.

  • Ako Africa

    Discover a modern African inspired fashion, all in colors and for all seasons: dashiki dress, African dress, wax print skirts, African crop top, sarouel.. These collections fit all women: plus size women, pregnant women... But there is also baby and men African fashion: polos, African inspired shirts, bootee, baby changing material ... And for everyday such as pencil skirt in african fabric for work, kente cocktail dress for your evening , just as batik headwraps and clutch bags, khanga or dashiki accessories ... Not to mention celebration outfits:  african bridal dress , bridesmaid accessories or custom handmade modern african wedding outfits with blowing colors. All you need of ethnic and ethical clothing , with a large choice of african fabrics from various african inspired designers.

  • Yomi Styling

    Yomi is a professional stylist with a passion for breathing life into every outfit she assembles. Inspired by African pop culture fashion, she has an eye for incorporating fashion trendy elements and materials that are unique and bold.

    She has worked with celebrities Agbani DaregoAndrea Iyamah, Kah-lo, Tiwa Savage Nike, Foot Locker, Vogue and  Falana, and many more. Yomi is best known for her aesthetics, sense of personal style and unprecedented focus on making her clients look the very best. She focuses on her clients’ personalities, and what makes them unique.


    With a team of published designers, photographers, videographers, professional MUAs, and models, first-class style is her mission and that is what she guarantees to every client.

  • Hello Hair

    Hello hair features 100 illustrated children's hairstyles ranging from afros, braids, twists, locs, and more! Through visual representation, 'Hello Hair' picture book encourages black girls to learn, love, and build a relationship with their crown.

  • SBK Decor

    A blazing passion for interior design and decorating warm and welcoming spaces. Placing decor items in your space to make your environment feel like new.

  • Bel Flame

     I began making candles after having my 1st child while going through post postpartum depression. As a new mother, it was important to me to take care of my mental health by doing something that I love while still being at home. A hobby quickly became a passion and I decided it was time to launch my business.

    My mission is to simply inspire and empower people to implement self-care into their daily lives. Our aromatherapy and wellness candles are an eco-friendly candle alternative that is vegan and made with coconut soy wax.  

  • Queen You Are Beautiful

    Focused on bringing beautiful women together to empower and create a positive space. Now at Ark Collective providing accessories and footwear.

  • Jobies Naturals

    Jobies Naturals is a female black owned brand specializing in Advanced medical esthetic packages 

    They provide Result driven skincare products and treatments for acne, hyperpigmentation, blemishes and all sorts of skincare concerns .

    Such as serums , acne treatment products , body scrubs and so much more 

    Shop their skincare products in-store

  • Koolorez

    I want our children – yours and mine - to grow up in a world where they know and believe they are beautiful, loved and valued. We’ve been socialized to think and behave as though white dolls (and people) are better, which isn’t true. By intentionally encouraging play that includes dolls of all skin colours and ethnicities, we can begin to change this thinking.

    Koolorez dolls truly reflect the beauty and diversity of the real world. When children see themselves in a doll, it tells them that they are beautiful and loved.

  • The Sea Moss Guy

    he Sea Moss Guy Inc. is a small, black-owned business, co-founded by Dezie and Clinton, a power couple living in the Greater Toronto Area. This business was created to help educate others on the health benefits of Sea Moss and to provide our community with accessible and affordable options to live a healthy lifestyle. 

    Sea Moss is a nutrient-dense algae that holds 90% of the minerals and vitamins our bodies need for proper function. It is considered by many to be a superfood. The Sea Moss Guy Inc. sells only premium Sea Moss that is 100% wildcrafted, naturally harvested & sun-dried in the Caribbean. We are proud to be able to support back home while providing quality Sea Moss to our community. 

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