The one and only SUPERCRAWL event is coming this September!! We are thrilled to be taking part in the fashion show that will be held at the event this year and Ark Collective can't wait to see you there!

      September 9, 10, 11. 2022

      Free Admission

      James Street North

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    • Fashion Show

      As part of Supercrawl, Ark Collective will be taking part in a fashion show held on

      September 9th

      From 9-10pm

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    • Pier 8 Pop Up

      Join us for the Pier 8 pop-up at the beautiful Bayfront Park.

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    • SOPEN

      Raising awareness for drug prevention among teens. Ark Collective will be there showing our support and we have some goodies from our store just for you!

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      Last year there were around 250,000 festival participants! Wow! And this year we hope to see your gorgeous faces there as well!

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    • Grimsby Museum

      See you at the event!

      Saturday, July 9th.

      12pm - 3pm

      6 Murray St. Grimsby

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    • Friday, July 8th!!

      See you there!

      5pm - 9pm

      58 James Street North, Hamilton, ON

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      Ark Collective and The Bmrt are hosting a BIPOC Block Party

      Here are the details

      May 28th 2022


      James str north ( from king william str to Rebecca street and Tivoli in the square

      For food pop into TOLAGOS, Afrolicious & True to roots

      Entertainment: DJ,Passport tour of the different BIPOC Stores on James str North

      Come out bring your family,a friend and enjoy.

      See you at 58 James str North Hamilton ON

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    • We love to support BIPOC businesses in their ventures and hope that you join us for our next event!!

    • That day, we had a remarkable turnaround and met many new and well-known faces.

    • Shea Bear is one of our vendors here at Ark Collective and they sell many admirable skincare products.

    • Meet our growing team at Ark Collective.

    • These lovely jewellery designs showcased at our event were a crowd favourite.

    • Shea Bear was so amazing that day. We had many new customers stop by to see more about their great products.

    • Meet Love Your Fit Apparel vendor. She devoted her time to being here despite having a baby on the way!

    • We had a great show that day and welcomed plenty of new faces to our growing family of vendors and customers.

    • We are a collective of BIPOC vendors. Come join us.

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    • We love to engage with each of you at our events and in person. You all showed great support that day!

    • We love engaging with our community each and every chance we get. This was a huge turn-up and we hope to see you at our next events!!

    • Our new vendor SBK Decor was also ready to sell her beautiful decor that day.

    • We accept all of you to come and shop with Ark Collective! We love what we do!

    • At Ark Collective we love making new friends and engaging with you all. It's awesome to see your wonderful faces. Thank you for your support!

    • Ayodele representing Ark Collective very well!! Join us for our next events!

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