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The Sea Moss Guy

Sea Moss Gel (In-store Pickup Only) by The Sea Moss Guy

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Size: 16 oz


Our Sea Moss Gel is 100% natural, ingredients include spring water, key lime & wildcrafted Sea Moss. It does not contain artificial additives or preservatives and therefore has a shelf life of approximately 3 weeks when kept refrigerated. 

Wildcrafted Sea Moss is soaked in spring water, blended and refrigerated to prepare our Sea Moss Gel. This is to help preserve all of the minerals and vitamins that can be lost by boiling Sea Moss, which in turn helps to maximize the benefits. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing, as each order is made fresh. 

Please note: As a natural and wildcrafted product, slight variances in texture, color, taste, and appearance may occur. Colored Sea Moss is known to have a slightly stronger smell and taste than the Gold Sea Moss. Click here for more details on the differences between the different colors.


Due to its versatile texture, minimal smell, and minimal taste, our Sea Moss Gel can be consumed on its own or added to your favorite smoothie, protein shake, tea, or juice recipe. You can use this product to make your own salad dressing, dip for fruit, face mask, or hydrating hair mask. It also makes for a great vegan thickening agent when cooking soups, sauces, and stews. 

This product should be kept sealed and refrigerated. Please also use care to avoid cross-contamination by always using clean utensils. We recommend consuming 1-2 tablespoons per day. 

Please note: Sea Moss Gel has been known to vary in spoilage and is not intended to be stored but rather to be consumed while fresh. Signs of spoilage include an odd pungent aroma or taste, slimy coating on the top layer, and/or mold. If you suspect spoilage please discontinue use immediately. 

If you have a lot of Sea Moss Gel and are worried about it going bad, try scooping it into ice cube trays and freezing it to increase its shelf life up to 3 months. Sea Moss ice cubes are convenient and easy to add to your smoothies, soups, or porridge. You can also rub them on your face in the mornings to help reduce puffiness, shrink pores and brighten your skin.

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