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Hauler Jay Pins by Muka

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As a famous rap song once said, “hauling isn’t hoarding”. Thanks to the rappers and producers at a certain well-known grocery store, we now have a brilliant addictive bop to remind us of that.

Our one-of-a-kind Hauler Jay pin signifies the new grocery shopping experience that the pandemic has reigned upon us. Haul all you want, just make sure you take as much as you need and leave behind the rest for other fellow shoppers. We also understand the temptation to fill your carts with chips and candy. But Hauler Jay gives us a little reminder to go easy on the junk and stack on the veggies – a reminder many of us need.

  • highly polished gold-plated metal for long-lasting wear
  • Jay is 0.8 inch wide and the grocery bag is 1 inch wide
  • they are attached to each other by a gold plated C-hoop
  • securely pinned with a single post on the back of Jay
  • enamel pin design is based on our original artwork
  • features a primary color palette
  • stamped with "muka" on the back of the grocery bag

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