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The Sea Moss Guy

Dried Sea Moss by The Sea Moss Guy

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Sea Moss is a nutrient-dense algae that holds 90% of the minerals and vitamins our bodies need for proper function. It is firm in texture and ranges in color. Click here for details on the differences between the different colors.

Our Dried Sea Moss is 100% wildcrafted, naturally harvested, and sun-dried in the Caribbean. It has been thoroughly cleaned by handpicking every branch and removing all debris, black ends, etc. prior to packaging. 

Please note: As a wildcrafted product, slight variances in texture, color, taste, and appearance may occur.

For quantities over 5 lbs. please refer to Wholesale Dried Sea Moss


Sea Moss has many benefits and can be prepared in many ways, but it is most commonly used to create a gel that can be consumed or applied topically. Easy-to-follow directions for preparing your own Sea Moss Gel at home will be included on the packaging. 

This product comes packaged in a resealable bag and has a shelf life of approximately one year. It should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark space such as a cupboard or pantry.

Please note: Sea Moss Gel should be made in small batches, as it has a shelf life of approximately three weeks. It is not necessary to prepare all of your Dried Sea Moss at once. For reference, two ounces of Dried Sea Moss will make approximately thirty-two ounces of Sea Moss Gel. 

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